Having started my calligraphy journey in 2015, I am constantly practicing and trying to improve. I consider myself a perpetual student, no matter how long I've been learning. I'm a member of the Society of Scribes and take classes and workshops from many master calligraphers to improve my skills. 

Calligraphy Training

Week-long Masterclass with Sheila Waters - April 2016
     - Gothicized Italic & Italic
Year-long Intensive Masterclass with Julian Waters - 2016-2017
     - Textura, Fraktur, Carolingian, Romans, Italic, & Ruling Pen

Select Workshops Attended

Copperplate with Elinor Holland - June 2015
Italic with Anna Pinto - September 2015

Pointed Pen Sketchbook with Pat Blair - April 2016
Spencerian with Michael Sull - May 2017
Retro Art Nouveau/Art Deco with Gemma Black - February 2018

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